The 430 km-long Vltava River (Moldau) originates in the "Bohemian Forest" and flows into the Elbe river just north of Prague. The Vltava divides Prague into the "Malinska" (Mala Strana) on the left and the Old Town (Stare Mesto) on the right side of the river. Both sides are connected by the famous "Charles Bridge".


Vojanovy Sady

The garden is somewhat hidden on a small street behind St. Josephs church, but offers a charming oasis in the inner courtyard. Especially in spring, when the magnolia blossoms, the garden is a popular meeting place for young and old.    


U luzickeho seminare


Letenske Sady

The "Letenske Sady " is located on a hill top above the river "Vltava". From up here you will have a great view over the Old Town and the Hradschin Castle. If you have the time to take a walk along the hill top park, you will be rewarded with beautiful views.




Seminarska Zahrada

The most beautiful viewpoint over Prague is somewhere between Strahovská Zahrada and Strahov Monastery. This is the most beautiful place in Prague, when the fruit trees begin to bloom in spring. Tip: Enjoy the view fromt Nebozizek restaurant.


Seminarska Zahrada



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Prague spring

The "Prague Spring" was not only an uprising against the Russian occupation forces in 1968. The Prague Spring is also a wonderful natural spectacle every year. On the "Lesser Town" there are still many fruit trees that turn into a sea of flowers in spring. Nature also awakens on the banks of the Vltava and makes the banks shine bright green. Spring is the best time to travel to Prague.