Corniche von Alexandria

The great advantage of Alexandria is the sea. The sea provides fresh, cool air and makes the climate in Alexandria bearable. Beach bars and restaurants line along the 15 km sandy beach between Alexandria and Montazah. More and more hotels are being built directly on the shore. The beaches of Alexandria can be divided into two areas, the beaches north of the city center are urban beaches. Huge holiday settlements were built south of the city, which are almost exclusively frequented by tourists. This tourist zone begins about 30 km away from Alexandria, since there is still an industrial area inbetween. The seaside resorts stretches along the coast for about 70 km until El-Alamein. The photo shows the beach north of the Corniche of Alexandria.


El-Gaish Road


Gardens of Montazah

Even if you can not visit the "Palace of Montazah" you can see the gardens surrounding the palace. The generous park is located directly on the Mediterranean Sea. You can see the green gardens of the italian style Presidential Palace and the blue waters of the sea. 


About 15 km north of Alexandria's center is a beautiful bay for swimming, fishing and relaxing on the beach. Here is also the residence of the Egyptian Presidents. The cultivated place is reminiscent of fashionable seaside resorts in Europe. 


Alexandria Montazah


Nile Delta

Those who travel from Cairo to Alexandria by train or bus come through the "granary" of Egypt. The fertile Nile Delta has always been the source of Egyptian wealth and led to the first civilization of mankind. The Nile divides shortly after Cairo into two main arms and numerous secondary arms. The western arm of the Nile flows into the Mediterranean, near the city of Rosette around 50 km north of Alexandria. The town became famous by the "Stone of Rosette". Inscriptions in several languages were carved on this stone, which led to the decipherment of the Egyptian script. The "Rosetta Stone" is displayed at the British Museum in London.


Map Alexandria beaches and parks


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