Lake Tana

"Lake Tana" is located at an altitude of 1,786 m, making it the highest lake in Africa. In the lake there is an island, with the monastery of "Kebran Sankt Gabriel" with beautiful frescoes. The "Tis Isat" waterfall flowing out of "Lake Tana" is the source of the "Blue Nile". 

King's Palace of Gondar

The "Palace of Gondar" was built around 1632 by Emperor Fasilidas. Later rulers extended the palace district until 1769. There were other palaces, churches and a library. Gondar was by then the capital of Ethiopia and was surrounded by a city wall with 12 gates. 

Pillars of Aksum

Another ancient capital of Ethiopia is Aksum (Axum). From the 2nd century AD until 1137, the city was the secular and religious center of the kingdom. The famous pillars called "May Hedja" were erected around 300 AD as burial place for the princes and kings of Aksum. Some pillars have fallen down and lie on the ground, others are supported by scaffolding. 

Ark of the Covenant

The "Ark of the Covenant" is a legendary chest in which the stone tablets with the "10 commandments", which Moses received from God, are stored. This chest was brought to Aksum by emperor Menelik from Israel. The "Ark of the Covenant" is to be located in this church in Aksum. But there is no scientific proof of the existence of the "Ark of the Covenant". 

Erta Ale Vulcano

The "Erta Ale" is a shield vulkan in the "Danakil" desert. The active volcano is only 600 m high, in its caldera there is a lava lake, which repeatedly breaks through the solidified lava plates. Especially at night a spectacular experience. Erta Ale means "smoking mountain".


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