Jardin Majorelle

If a painter designs a garden, something wonderful is created. Jacques Majorelle transformed this garden in 1937 into a piece of art. Cobalt blue walls combined with water and the green of the plants, just a wunderful garden.


Rue Yves Saint Laurent




Storks can be seen everywhere circeling in the sky over Marrakech. At the "Palais El Badi" storks have built their nests on the walls. You can come very close to watch the majestic birds. 


Rue de Berrima


Palais Bahia

A green oasis in the dry town is the garden of the Palais Bahia. Even before the entrance huge palm trees and banana trees welcome the visitors. Inside the lush courtyard small palms and orange trees are situated next to cool fountains.


Riad Zitoun Jedid



The riads are the typical courtyard houses of Marrakech, the most of them are used as hotel, restaurant or luxury apartment. The courtyards are the living room of the Moroccans, they are always well designed, with either fountains or a small garden. As a tourist you can stay in a Riad or visit a restaurant and enjoy a cup of mint tea in the garden.


Map gardens in Marrakesh


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Gardens in Marrakesh

Marrakech is located in a fertile plain, surrounded by desert. The city benefits from the Atlas Mountains, several creeks run through the plain of Marrakesh. Nevertheless, water is a rare commodity, which must be carefully used. Tourist Resorts and golf courses swallow a lot of water. Tourism has increased the lack of water in town. Parks and gardens are therefore hard to find, but in the traditional courtyard houses called "Riad" there is always a leafy courtyard with fountains.