Egyptian Museum

In the "Egyptian Museum" in Cairo shows the most important finds from the pharaoh period. The museum exhibits 160,000 objects from 5,000 years of history, in more than 100 rooms. A great museum with incredible treasures, that every Egyptian visitor must have seen.


Midan Tahrir


Museum of Modern Egyptian Art

The "Museum of Modern Egyptian Art" shows modern and contemporary art from Egypt and other Islamic and African countries. You can see works of art that are not seen in Europe or America. The museum is located on the "Gezira Island", near the Opera House.


Mahmoud Mokhtar, Gesira


Coptic Museum

The "Coptic Museum" in Cairo was founded in 1910 and shows religious art, icons and writings of the Christian minority in Egypt. The Copts represent about 10% of the total population of the predominantly Muslim country.


Mar Girgis


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