Cheops Pyramid

Originally the "Cheops Pyramid" was 147 m high, about 10 m higher than today. The construction of the "Great Pyramid" started in 2589 BC. It is the oldest Pyramid at Giza. 


The Sphinx was carved 2500 B.C. from a rock, the Sphinx is guarding the pyramids. The lion's body of the Sphinx is 20 meters high and 73 meters long. It is believed that the head of the Sphinx represents the Pharaoh Khafre. 

Chephren Pyramid

The "Pyramid of Chephren" is slightly smaller, but it is a little bit higher than the "Great Pyramid". The top of the Pyramid of Chephren is still covered with pale limestone. The grave chamber is located in the pyramid's base. 

Pyramide of Djoser

The Step Pyramid of "King Djoser" was the first of its kind, it was created about 2,700 B.C. The Djoser Pyramid in Saqqara was the model of the later built Pyramids of Giza. Saggara is situated about 10 km south of Giza.




Map Pyramids of Egypt


Pyramids of Egypt

Giza pyramids

The famous Pyramids of Egypt are located in the suburb of Giza, which is about 10 kilometers west of downtown Cairo. The pyramids are among the most famous sights in the world and are the only ones of the Eight Ancient Wonders of the World that have not been destroyed.