Parc du Mont-Real

The 233 m high "Mont Real" surpasses the skyscrapers of the Central Business District. The park on the mountain top was created by Frederick Law Olmsted in 1876, who also planned the "Central Park" in New York City.  

St Lawrence River

The St. Lawrence River drains the 5 Great Lakes and is the third largest river of North America. The river was discovered by the Frenchman Jacques Cartier in 1535, who named the river "St Lawrence". 

Canal de Lachine

The "Canal de Lachine" was opened in 1825. The canal allowed ships to bypass the dangerous "Lachine Rapids", which previously blocked the ship route to the "Great Lakes". After the construction of a new canal, for larger vessels the "Canal de Lachine" was closed in 1970. Today it is used for leasure activities on and at the water.

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