Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

The Azerbaijan Carpet Museum looks like a rolled up carpet. The museum was founded in 1967 and has around 10,000 carpets in its fund. The new carpet museum was opened in 2014 and designed by the Austrian architect Franz Janz. The museum shows how carpets are made and presents the most important carpets of the collection. The Baku Carpet Museum is well worth seeing because you not only see traditional patterns, but also modern motifs such as piplines, people and machines.


28 Mikayıl Hüseynov Prospekti


Nizami Museum of Azerbaijan Literature

The Nizami Museum of Azerbaijan Literature is a strikingly beautiful building by the architects Sadiq Dadasov and Mikayil Useynov. The most famous writers of Azerbaijan greet the visitor from the outside. They stand as sculptures in niches at Nazami Park. Nazami Ganjavi (1141-1209) is the most famous poet in the country, his statue stands in the park and looks in the direction of the Baku Literature Museum. In the museum you can find everything related to the literature of Azerbaijan, including caricatures and satire.


53 Istiglaliyyat


Map of Museums in Baku


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