Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park

In the "KL Butterfly Park" you can observe all the butterflies at close range. The aviary is like a tropical garden with flowers and many feeding places for the colorful inhabitants. The largest butterfly park in the world offers around 5,000 butterflies a home. Beside butterflies, there are other insects and koi carps to discover.


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Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

The "Bird Park" is one of the top sights in Kuala Lumpur. Under a huge net, most of the birds can fly around freely. The "Kuala Lumpur Bird Park" is home to some 3,000 birds of around 200 species. The park has four different zones and a restaurant on approximately 80,000 m².


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The "KLCC Park" is located directly at the "Petronas Towers" in the center of Kuala Lumpur. KLCC is a real estate investment trust that has built the park together with the double towers. The park is very popular because of its fountains and water games in "Symphony Lake". There is also a large playground for children.


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Perdana Botanical Garden

The "Botanical Garden of Kuala Lumpur" is located in the hill west of the city center. The garden is located around the lake "Tasik Perdana". Among the places of interest in the garden is the Cycad Iceland, the hibiscus park, the Deer Park and the orchid garden.


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Map Parks and Gardens in Kuala Lumpur


The Monkey God "Hanuman" belongs to the most popular Hindu gods. There is also a Hanuman Temple with a huge monkey sculpture at the "Batu Caves". Monkeys are revered and fed here. Therefore, you can see many monkeys around the temple and at the entrances to the "Batu Caves". Since they are fed by many people they are not dangerous, but you should be careful and keep a your distance.


Batu Caves


Batu Caves

The "Batu Caves" on the northern outskirts of Kuala Lumpur are one of the main attractions of Malaysia due to its temples. Next to the entrance for the large light-filled cave (photo) is the entrance for the "Dark Cave". For adventurous tourists, 3-4-hour tours are offered through the dark cave landscape. You need hiking boots, a torch and provisions a helmet will be provided. You will get wet, you will have to crawl through narrow rocks and should not be afraid of disgusting animals.


Batu Caves



Map Batu Caves


Kuala Lumpur Guide

Travel Guide Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is in the tropics, the climate is hot and humid. In the mountains east of the city you can find the rainforests. Kuala Lumpur is very densely built, but you will also find parks, gardens and exotic animals in the big city. This guide presents the main gardens and zoos of Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is one of the world's most important bird parks and is one of the city's most popular attractions.