Thaiboxen in Bangkok

The national sport Thai boxing (Muay Thai) developed from sword fighting and has been documented since 1411. Martial arts were used in war when there was a man-to-man fight. Firearms made martial arts unsuitable for war and Thai boxing became a sport. The first official competition was held in 1921.

In contrast to boxing, Thai boxing can also be pedaled and struck with the elbow. Biting, head thrusts, wrestling and attacks in the abdomen are prohibited. Before the fight, the fighters bow to pay respect to the coach and the spirit of boxing. Then the dance ceremony ram muay of the respective boxing school begins, in which the fighter absorbs the power of earth, water, air and fire. An orchestra accompanies the fight with atmospheric music. In combat, the fighters kick and hit each other. Successful attacks score points. Professional fights last 5 rounds of 3 minutes each. If a fighter goes down, no further strikes are allowed.

Anyone interested in Thai boxing can watch the fights at the Ratchadamnoen Stadium. The wiry fighters beat and kick in front of an enthusiastic audience. Large sums are bet on the individual fights, which is why the audience is very passionate. You only get this kind of atmosphere in Thailand.


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