Francesinha is a local Porto specialty. The "little French girl" looks a bit strange, but tastes surprisingly good. The national dish of Porto should be tried by everyone who doesn't have to pay attention to their figure. There are several slices of bread and thick pieces of meat under the melted cheese. A spicy sauce is poured over the whole thing. Francesinha is very hearty but also very tasty.




There is no way around Bacalhao. Cod is eaten all over Portugal. It is usually dried as a stockfish and rubbed with salt. You will find it shaped as a ball, in a roll, in dumplings, desserts or simply as fresh fish.



Pastel de Nata

Originally the puff pastry tartlets come from Belém, a district of Lisbon and are therefore also called Pastel de Belém, but are now produced throughout Portugal. The small tartlets are filled with pudding made of cream, egg yolk and sugar.



Vinho do Porto

The grapes for the port wine are grown in the Douro valley, about 100 km east of Porto. There are red and white wines, which reaches a different maturity level depending on the storage. The highest quality is the "Vintage port wine", which is sold for a high price. The Port wine has a high alcohol content and matures in the bottle. The wine changes its color from ruby red to brown and gold tones.



Queljo Serra da Estrela

From the highest mountains of the Portuguese mainland, the Serra da Estrela, comes this aromatic cheese. During the ripening process, sheep's cheese is supplemented with plants from the mountain region that make up its unique taste. 




The "Portonic" is a fresh long drink for the summer, which can best be enjoyed in a deck chair in Gaia overlooking the beautiful city of Porto. If you want to mix the drink yourself, you need 1/3 dry white port, 2/3 tonic water, a slice of lemon and ice cubes. If you like, you can also add small leaves of mint.





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