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Belgium is a country with many historical cities, which in the Middle Ages were among the richest and most powerful in Europe. Worth seeing old towns with splendid guild houses are typical for Belgium. The Belgian coast, on the other hand, is quite short and almost completely built up. In the southwest are the Ardennes, a wooded low mountain range on the border with Germany. The highlights of Belgium include the capital Brussels and the old town of Bruges. But there are many other sights.


Two languages ​​are spoken in Belgium, French and Dutch. There is also a German minority on the border with Germany. The French part is in the south and the Dutch part in the north. The French-speaking Belgians are known as Walloons and the Dutch as Flemings. The capital Brussels is in the Flemish part, but both languages ​​are spoken here.

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Population: 11.5 million (2020)

Area: 30,700 km²

Capital: Brussels

Currency: Euro

Area code: +32



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