Jardin de Mont des Arts

The strictly ordered "Jardin de Mont des Arts" (garden hill of art), overcomes the difference in height within the city by generous staircases and has lovely views on the "Grand Place" in the background.


Mont des Arts



The "Jubelpark" or "Parc Cinquantenaire" was created for the 50th anniversary of the founding of Belgium in 1880. The 38-hectare park is situated on a hillside, sloping down towards the center.


Av. John F. Kennedy


Parc de Bruxelles

The "Parc de Bruxelles" is the largest green space in the center of Brussels, between the Parliament "Palais de la Nation" in the north and the "Palais Royal" in the south. The wide Allée in the middle of the park connects the two buildings. In the axis are two round pools.


Parc de Bruxelles


Léopold Park

The Léopold Park is located in the heart of the European Quarter of Brussels. In the north, the park borders the the European Parliament. In 1851, the park was designed as a zoological garden, where animals and plants were exhibited. Later, scientific institutes and a library were built. In 1880 the Leopoldpark was made accessible to the public. The "Leopold Park" is located on a slope, with a small lake, fed by the Maelbeek creek. In 2017 the House of European History was opened in the park. 

Place du Petit Sablon

In the small but very nice park is a memorial for "Egmont and Hoorne". The two nobles rebelled against the Inquisition of the Spaniards and were beheaded 1568 in Brussels. This triggered the revolt against the Spanish and led to the independence of the Netherlands.   

Map of garks and gardens in Brussels


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