Historical Museum

The "National Historical Museum of Russia" has the most important collection of historical objects in the country. The museum was built in 1883 in addition to historical documents and photographs there is an archaeological collection as well as historical paintings and a collection of coins. 


Roter Platz



Cosmonautic Museum

The Soviet Union was the leading country in space around 1960. The first satellite "Sputnik" was shot in orbit in 1957 and shocked the West. "Juri Gagarin" followed in 1961 as the first astronaut with the "Vostok 1" mission. He stayed 1 hour and 48 minutes in space. He was celebrated around the world and in Russia he became a national hero. The "Monument for the Discoverers of Space" was erected in 1964. The Cosmonautic Museum is located in the base of the 107-meter-high monument of titanium. The museum shows interesting exhibits from the early aerospace history.


Mira Prospekt 111


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