Cornwall Park

The park was named after a royal visit from England in 1901, named after the Duke of Cornwall, later King George V and his wife Queen Mary. Cornwall Park is located about 5 kilometers southeast of downtown Auckland. You can drive into the park by car. There are parking lots at the interesting places. Like many parks in Auckland, Cornwall Park is located on a former volcanic crater. The highest point is One Tree Hill with a beautiful view of the city. In the park there are several cafes where you can have a relaxed breakfast.

Cornwall Park


Albert Park

The Albert Park is on a hill in central Auckland. The Albert barracks used to be here, which were built in 1846 and abandoned in 1871. There is still a cannon in the park that aimes at the harbor. A very nice park with a lot of old trees. The Auckland Art Gallery is on the southwest corner.


Princes Street


Auckland Domain

The Auckland Domain is a large city park on an extinct volcanic cone. Preveously there was a small settlement of Maori, until the area was sold to the Britain in 1840. The tropical house of the conservatory was built for the "Auckland Exhibition" in 1913. 


Domain Drive


Devonport Torpedo Bay

The Torpedo Bay in Devonport is a wide beach on the northern harbor entrance to Auckland. The bay is dominated by the North Head hill where still cannons protect the harbor entrance. The Navy Museum is also located in Torpedo Bay. 


Torpedo Bay, Devonport


Rangitoto Island

The beautiful volcanic island arose only about 650 years ago. On "Rangitoto Island" many red flowering "Pohutukawa trees" were planted. You can climb on top of the 260 m high volcanic cone or discover secluded beaches. Rangitoto Island is on the background of the picture, taken from Auckland "Sky Tower".


Mount Eden

"Mount Eden" is with a hight of 196 m the highest volcano in Auckland. It was named after George Eden, the first Earl of Auckland. He was awarded with this title for his Afghanistan campaign in 1839. The city of Auckland was also named after him. 


Puhi Huia Road


Piha Beach

From Auckland you will drive on narrow, winding roads through the jungle of "Centennial Park", until you reach the beautiful "Piha Beach" after about 40 km. There is only a small cafe on the beach, it is good if you bring something to eat and drink with you. 




Map of Parks and Natur in Auckland


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