Victoria & Albert Waterfront

The Victoria & Albert Waterfront has become a popular entertainment district with numerous shops, restaurants and theaters. Here you can eat out in a beautiful atmosphere with a view of the Table Mountain and the harbor. At the "Waterfront" there are numerous attractions, such as the Two Oceans Aquarium, the Clock Tower, the Zeitz Mocaa Museum, Ripley's believe it or not! or the Cap Town Diamond Museum.


Dock Road


Castle of Good Hope

The Dutch built the "Castle of Good Hope" fortress in 1666 to protect the young colony, which at that time was still used as a supply post for VOC ships on the way to Asia. In the former fortress there is now the "Military Museum" and there are many interesting events taking place in the inner courtyard of the fortress, so it is worth visiting the website, see link.


Castle Street


House of Parliament

The "House of Parliament" was built in 1884 and served as seat of the british colonial government. The classical building was expanded several times later. Today it houses the "National Council of Provinces". 


Government Avenue


St. George's Cathedral

St. George's Cathedral was the oldest church in South Africa. But the predecessors were demolished to make way for the new cathedral. The construction of the present Cathedral was begun in 1906 and completed in 1978.


Wale Street


Greenmarket Square

Artisans offer their products on the most beautiful square in the center of Cape Town. At "Greenmarket Square" you will also find the old Town Hall. On the square there are cafes and bars, like the "Purple Turtle".


Greenmarket Square


Cape Town City Hall

The city hall of Cape Town was completed in 1905, the tower is 61 m high. The colonial style building of the British Colony is a mixture of different historical styls. The City Hall also hosts performances of the "Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra".


Darling Street


St. George's Mall

After the cathedral was built in 1830, the street was named St. Georg's Street. In 1992 the former main street of the city was transformed into a pedestrian zone with trees and cafés. There are only a few large stores along the street, so hustle and bustle at St. George's Mall is rather quiet. Street vendors determine the image of Cape Town's main shopping street. Due to the many trees, the microclimate here is still quite pleasant even in summer.


St. George's Mall


Long Street

The "Long Street" is the hottest street for designer shops in Cape Town. You can stroll under the painted castiron arcades in Victorian style. There are many nice restaurants and cafes in the area. The street is very popular among hip South Africans. 


Long Street


Clock Tower

The red "Clock Tower" is the hallmark of the Cape Town waterfront. It served as lookout for the harbor master, who could monitor all vessel movements from the tower. The water level was measured in the basement. The beautiful tower was renovated in 1997.


Pier Head


Two Oceans Aquarium

Anyone who wants to gaze into the eye of a shark without having to freeze in a lattice cage, should visit the "Two Oceans Aquarium". The truly remarkable aquarium is located at the Victoria & Albert Waterfront.


Dock Road


Map of sights in Cape Town


Travel Guide Cape Town

Welcome to Cape Town

Cape Town has developed from a supply port of the Dutch to an exciting world city. Cape Town is with 3,7 million people bigger than Berlin. The center is rather small and most of the inhabitants live in the townships east of the Table Mountain. The colonial city center can be easily explored by foot. During the day, it is relatively safe. If you want to visit the townships you should go only on a guided tour. In the evening one can relax in one of the many restaurants at the "Waterfront". 



Discover Cape Town

When you have seen the sights of the center, you should definitely go to Table Mountain or join a hiking group. You shouldn't climb the mountain alone, because sudden fog can block your view. Hikers have also been attacked.

Safety Rules

South Africa is one of the most dangerous countries in the world, but whoever follows the safety rules minimizes the risk of being attacked considerably. The most important rule is never to drive on country roads at night. In the dark at the red light, watch out for someone lurking there. Only stay in busy places at night. Don't walk the streets alone at night. If you do get mugged, hand in all valuables immediately. We drove from Johannesburg to Cape Town and were only asked for a "fee" by a police officer because we were supposedly traveling too fast although we had a traffic jam behind us because we were driving to slowly. It was more likely due to our golden BMW with which the car rental company wanted to do us a favor. South Africa is a great country but you should be concerned about security.


The Cape Province impresses with its beautiful landscapes. On the way from Cape Town to Cape Point you pass beautiful nature. The Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden is also worth a visit. Don't miss the penguins in Simon's Town.