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The "Carlton Centre" was opened in 1974 and is the tallest building in Africa, with a hight of 223 meters. There is a shopping center in the basement, the tower was occupied by the "Carlton Hotel" wich was closed in 1997. From the observation deck you will have the best views over Johannesburg. 


152 Commissioner St.


Stock Exchange Building

The old stock exchange building is also called the Diamond Building because of its shape. The Stock Exchange Building was designed by German-American architect Helmut Jahn and completed in 1985. The stock exchange has moved to the northern suburb of Sandton because it is safer there than in downtown. The futuristic building with its mirrored facade is now called the Old Johannesburg Stock Exchange Building.


11 Diagonal Street


Johannesburg City Hall

The city hall of Johannesburg was built in 1915 on the former market square of the young city. The building with the british colonial style tower, was recently renovated and can now be used as concert hall. The Johannesburg City Hall is also the seat of the provincial government of Gauteng. 

Jazz Walk of Fame

The "Jazz Walk of Fame" pays tribute to the most famous jazz musicians of South Africa. Like in Hollywood, the names of the musicians are immortalized in granite slabs in the walkway. In front of the "Bassline" in Newtown sits the singer Brenda Fassie, who died in 2004. The most famous singer on the "Walk of Fame" is Miriam Makeba, who was also known as "Mama Africa".

Nelson Mandela Square

Nelson Mandela Square is a big shopping center, with many restaurants in the white ghetto of Sandton. On the nice square in front of the Mall stands a large sculpture of Nelson Mandela

Orlando Towers

There were repeated uprisings in "Soweto" against the apartheid policy in 1976 were many people died. "Soweto" is still a poor township, but with a local guide you can discover interesting and historic locations, like the "Orlando Towers". 

Gold Reef City

Johannesburg's amusement park "Gold Reef City", was built around an former gold mining settlement. Even today, the site is a gold mine with casino, hotels, restaurants and a roller coasters.  

Soccer City Stadium

The Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg was built for the "FIFA World Cup 2010" and was designed by the architects Boogertmann + Partner from Pretoria. The oval arena is also called "African-Pot", it is a reminiscent of the Calebasse, the traditional drinking pot of Africa. 

Map of sights in Johannesburg


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Welcome to Johannesburg and Pretoria

The two cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria are only about 50 km apart. Johannesburg is the economic center of the country and Pretoria is the capital of South Africa. Johannesburg has about 1 million inhabitants, the neighboring Pretoria counts about 750,000 people. About 5 million people live in the region of Johannesburg and Pretoria.