Fish Hoek

The small coastal town of Fish Hoek, is located about 35 km to the south of Cape Town, in the province of Western Cape. The colorful painted beach huts are a favorite photo motif. From the beautiful beach you can see the opposite mountain range. 


Fish Hoek   

Hout Bay

The best view of the beautiful Hout Bay, is from "Chapman's Peak" on Chapman's Peak Drive. A bronze mountain lion sits on a rock at the beach. In the nice village of Hout Bay, there are several restaurants, cafes and pubs. 

Robben Island

The former prison "Robben Island" is located 12 km outside Cape Town in the Atlantic Ocean. Nelson Mandela spent most of his 27-year imprisonment on the small island. Today "Robben Island" is a nature park and national monument. 

Rheinish Church

Stellenbosch is a small town in the wine region east of Cape Town. In the center are many white buildings, in Cape-Dutch style. The "Rhenish Church" was built as a school for mixed breeds and slaves in 1823. 


From 1688 onwards, French winemakers brought the winegrowing into the Dutch Cape Province. The pretty little village still reminds of the French beginnings. In Franschhoek you will still find excelent French restaurants. 

Huguenot Monument

After the french King Louis XIV deprived the Protestants of all civil rights in 1685, the Huguenots fled into Protestant countries, some even went to settle in South Africa. The Huguenot Monument built in 1948, recalls this period and is a symbol of religious freedom. 




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