The center of Pretoria Tshwane is surrounded by green hills in a valley. From the Union Buildings you have a very nice view of the city center. The hill Meintjieskop has been transformed into a terrace garden and is one of the most beautiful places in Pretoria. In the garden of the Union Buildings are statues of Nelson Mandela and other great personalities of South Africa.


Union Buildings, Pretoria


Burgers Park

The most beautiful park in Pretoria was created in 1872 as a botanical garden. The green area was named after the fourth President of the Republic of South Africa Thomas François Burgers. There is also a statue of Burgers in the park near the pool. The very well-kept park in Victorian style captivates with lush flowers. Burgers Park is relatively small, it only occupies one square block with a side length of around 230 m. But it is very central, it is located between the Melrose House and the city center. In October the park is framed by the violet of the Jacaranda trees.


Burgers Park Lane


Jacaranda Trees

The beautiful Jacaranda trees are found in many streets of Pretoria, but you can also see them increasingly in Johannesburg. In October the whole city is filled with mauve flowers. The bloom is preserved for around two weeks. In 1906 the first Jacarandas came from Australia to Pretoria. But the original home of the Jacaranda trees (Jacaranda mimosifolia) is South America from Mexico to Brazil. In Cuba there are also many of the violet flowering trees.


Paul Kruger Street, Pretoria



Already on the outskirts of Pretoria you get an impression of the African savannah landscape around the city. With a little bit of luck you can watch zebras grazing at the Voortrekker Monument. The black and white pattern was created to protect the animals against mosquitoes, for which the zebras are almost invisible due to the stripe look. Larger zebra herds can be seen in the Kruger National Park, which is around 300 kilometers away as the crow flies.


Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria


Map Nature in Pretoria


Gardens in Tshwane