Northern tip of Rhodes

Our tour around the island starts at the northern tip. Here the view from "Monte Smith" to the north on the new town of Rhodes. There are beaches on both sides of the peninsula. In the background you can see the mountains of the Turkish coast. Two currents meet at the northern point of the island, which can lead to high waves. 

Epta Piges

The valley of the seven springs "Epta Piges" is a popular excursion destination. In the middle of a forest there is small creek, which is fed by the "Seven Springs". The creek disappears after 100 meters in a tunnel, through which one can walk to a pond. At the springs you can see peacocks and geese, which stroll around the terrace of the restaurant.


On the mountain "Tsambika" stands a small chapel, the icon in the church is said to fulfill the whish of having children. Children born after the pilgrimage are called Tsambikos (boys) or Tsambika (girls). The ascent is worthwhile also for the beautiful view of the sea and the beautiful bay. 


Most people come to Lindos to see the Acropolis, but the town of Lindos is also worth a visit. Behind Rhodes town, Lindos is the busiest place on the island. Lindos consists of small whitewashed houses and looks like the typical Greek village. Small shops line the streets and on the roofs are beautiful terraces, with a view of the Acropolis. 



Acropolis of Lindos

The "Acropolis of Lindos" is one of the top sights of the island of Rhodes. There was already a Neolithic settlement on the table mountain above the town, before the Greeks (Dorians) came in the 11th century BC. The castle was created by the Knights of St. John from 1309 onwards. The "Athens Temple" on the Acropolis is a modern reconstruction.



Prasonisi Kite Beach

Shortly before the southern tip of the island you will pass the "Prasonisi Kite Beach". A narrow strip of land connects the Prasonisi peninsula with the island of Rhodes. This wide sandy beach has two windy coasts, that are perfect for kitesurfing. There are parking lots and some restaurants, hotels and shops. 


Behind the kite beach begins a stony path (better not to wear flip-flops) that leads to the hill top. On the hill, countless stones were piled up to small steeples. Now you are  at the southern end of the island of Rhodes. 500 km further to the south is Egypt. "Prasonisi" is a mystical place at the end of the world. 

Beach near Kattavia

There is a kilometer long beach where the highway from Kattavia meets the sea. On our tour around the island we have now reached the west coast. In the background you can see the rugged island of Chtenies. The 16 km long pebbly beach has nothing to offer but sea and stones, but it is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Rhodes. 


On a 236 m high rock above the sea, the Knights of St. John have erected a large castle to protect the coast. "Monolithos" (the single rock) was built in the 15th century on the remains of a Byzantine fortress. The whitewashed church in the castle is dedicated to Panteleimonas, he is said to cure childhood diseases. There is a café with terrace at the rock, in the town of Monolithos you can find several restaurants. 


The "Attaviros" is the highest mountain on Rhodes with 1,215 m. On the summit are the ruins of an ancient Temple of Zeus. According to the legend, he was built by Althaimenes to escape the prophecy, to kill his father. Well, he killed his father anyway. From the village of Agios Isidoros a path leads to the summit. 


The ancient "Kamiros" was the smallest of the three Hellenistic cities on Rhodes. While Lindos and Ialysos still exist today, Kamiros was abandoned. "Kamiros" was founded around 1.000 BC. by the Dorians. An earthquake destroyed the city in 226 BC. The town was rebuilt but in 142 AD. it was destroyed again by an earthquake. After that, the city was not built up again. Unfortunately not much has been preserved apart from foundation walls and a few pillars. Nevertheless, the visit is worthwhile because the archaeological site is situated on a slope with a fantastic view on the neighboring island of "Simi" and makes the place one of the most beautiful spots on the island. 

Butterfly Valley

The Butterfly Valley "Petaloudes" is a valley where a stream ripples into small ponds. One hikes on narrow paths over stairs and bridges upwards. The valley, which is accompanied by "Liquidambar orientalis" trees, is famous for its butterflies. These butterflies apear at the end of May in large crowds. The "Panaxia Quadripunctaria" flutters through the valley until the end of August. The rest of the year you can see any colorful moths.


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