Lazienki Park

The baroque park, laid out in the 17th century, is one of the top sights in Warsaw. The main design element of the "garden of baths" is water. The Lazienki Palace is also charmingly reflected in a pool of water. The Lazienki Park was laid out by Tylman van Gameren, who worked as an architect and landscape planner for Count Stanislaw Lubomirski. One of the attractions of Lazienki Park are the free-roaming peacocks that proudly display their colorful feathers.


Park Lazienki


U Jazdowski Castle

U Jazdowski Castle (Zamek U Jazdowski) is located on the site where Warsaw's first settlement was built. Jasdow Castle was destroyed in the 11th century and replaced by a hunting lodge in the 17th century. A baroque water basin forms a grandiose line of sight at the end of which U Jazdowski Castle stands. The building now houses an exhibition hall for contemporary art. For current exhibitions see link below.




Stare Miasto

If you are looking for a place to relax in the center of Warsaw, you can look for a quiet place on the embankment between the Old Town "Stare Miasta" and the Vistula River. You can go for a stroll along the river bank or lay down in the grass and watch the water passing by.




Vistula River

The "Vistula River" is with it's 1047 km the longest river in Poland. It originates in the Silesian mountains and flows into the "Baltic Sea". Warsaw is situated on a small hill above the river. City and river are separated by the embankment. On the city side there is a promenade, on the side of "Praga" there is a natural embankment.




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