National Museum of Poland

After Poland gained independence from Germany and Russia in 1918, the establishment of a National Museum was one of the priorities. The building was opened in 1938. The "Muzeum Narodowe" is today the largest art museum in the country. 

Warsaw Historical Museum

The "Historical Museum of the City of Warsaw" is located in several houses at "Stare Miasto". The reconstructed houses were connected and became home to numerous objects from the long history of  Warsaw. 

Archaeological Museum

The "Muzeum Archeologiczne" is located in a former arsenal built in 1643. The museum was founded in 1923 and shows the prehistoric finds of the Poland. In the town of "Biskupin" there is a open-air museum, where an ice-age settlement was reconstructed. 

Muzeum Maria Sklodowska-Curie

Maria Sklodowska-Curie was born 1867 in this house in Warsaw. Because it was not possible for women to study in occupied Poland, she went to Paris in 1891 to study physics at the "Sorbonne". In 1895, she married the French physicist Pierre Curie, with whom she explored radioactivity. Together with Henri Becquerel, they received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1903. The museum shows the history of this unique scientist. 


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