Wong Tai Sin Tempel

The Wong Tai Sin Temple was founded in 1915 by the Daoist Sik Sik Yuan sect. Wong Tai Sin is the patron saint of the district and is located in the 1973 built main hall of the temple. Very lively temple complex with many local visitors.


MTR Station Wong Tai Sin


Lantau Giant Buddha

The main attraction of Lantau Island is the widely visible sitting Buddha. Opened in 1993, the Buddha statue is composed of bronze elements and reaches a total height of 26 meters. To reach the "Tian Tan Temple" where the "Big Buddha" sits, you have to climb over 260 steps. You can circle the Buddha and enjoy the views of the surrounding forests and mountains of the island.


Big Buddha, Lantau Island


Po Lin Monastry

From the "Ngong Ping" cable car station on the mountain top, you walk through the village, with restaurants and shops to reach the "Po Lin" monastery, founded 1924, which also includes the "Big Buddha". On the path of wisdom, one can admire the "heart sutra" carved in wooden stems.


Po Lin, Lantau Island




The former Portuguese colony of Macau, can be reached by ferry from Hong Kong in about an hour. In Macao, there are historic buildings of the Portuguese, huge casinos and Chinese temples. Macau is a mixture of East and West.





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