The Peak

The view from the Peak offers visitors a fantastic panorama of Victoria Harbour and the Hong-Kong skyline. The "Victoria Peak" is the highest point on Hong Kong Island with 554 m above sea level. Where there used to be the Governor's Palace, is today's Victoria Peak Garden. 


The Peak


Peak Tower

The "Peak Tower" was built in 1997 at the terminus of the "Peak Tram". The iconic shopping center with observation terrace offers the best view over Hong Kong. The Peak Tram opened in 1885 and is the most popular way to drive up the peak. Anyone who wants to avoid the queues in front of the tramstation, can reach the mountain top also by bus or taxi.


The Peak


Man Mo Tempel

The Daoist "Man Mo Temple" was built in 1848 and is dedicated to the gods Man and Mo. Man is the god of literature and is represented by a brush. Mo is the god of war and patron of the Hong Kong police. On the ceiling hundreds of incense coils produce smoke to contact the ancestors in heaven.


124 Hollywood Road


Legislative Council

On "Statue Square" stood a statue of Queen Victoria until the occupation of the Japanese in the second world war. Now a statue of Sir Thomas Jackson stands in front of the Legislative Council. The "LegCo" was built in 1912 and was the courthouse of the Hong Kong colony, until the British hand over Hong Kong to China. 


Statue Square


Western Market

The Western Market is the oldest remaining market building in Hong Kong. The red brick building with white granite stripes was built in 1906. The market hall was converted into a shopping center for arts and crafts in 1991. 


323 Des Voeux Road, HK



The tramway operates since 1904 on Hong Kong Island. The route runs mostly parallel to Victoria Harbor between Kennedy Town in the west and Shau Kei Wan in the east of the island. The narrow, double-decker trams are the most beautiful way to travel in Hong Kong.


Central Ferry Piers

From the Central Ferry Pier, ferries leave to the other islands of Hong Kong. New World First Ferry, for example, serves the routes to Cheung Chau and Lantau Island. Star Ferry takes you to Kowloon.


Man Kwong Street, HK Central


Star Ferry

The old ships of "Star Ferry" are a trademark of Hong Kong. The green and white ferries connect Hong Kong Island with Kowloon since 1880. This is the most beautiful ferry service in the world. "Star Ferry" also offers a round trip in the harbor.


Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon


Clock Tower

The 44m high Clock Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui was once the clock tower of Kowloon Station. The station was built in 1916 for the Kowloon-Canton Railway, which served the route to Guangzhou. In 1975 the new station Hung Hom was built and the old station in Kowloon was demolished.


Kowloon Public Pier


Avenue of Stars

The "Avenue of Stars" is a section of the waterfront of Kowloon. Like at the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, the stars of the Hong Kong Cinema, such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung and Wong Kar Wai, left their handprints on the street. In addition, the promenade offers the best view on the Hong Kong skyline. 


Avenue of Stars, Kowloon


Nathan Road

Nathan Road is the main shopping street of Kowloon. Previously, at every corner fake watches were offered. As a tourist you are still approached by strange figures, whether you want to buy a "brand watch" or a famous perfume, for a reasonable prices. Caution: These product are not worth their money and illegal. 


Nathan Road, Kowloon


Ladies Market

Right in the middle of Kowloon, next to the MRT station "Mong Kok", is the crowded "Ladies Market". Many streets in this part of town are so cramped with advertising signs, that you can't see the sky. One of these streets is the "Ladies Market", where you can buy cheap clothes and bags.


Tung Choi Street, Kowloon


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Travel Guide Hong Kong

Welcome to Hong Kong

The former "Crown Colony" emerged as a safe haven for the dishonorable drug-dealing business of the British Empire, after China had forbidden the import of opium. After two Opium Wars with China, the island officially became part of the British Empire. Hong Kong benefited from the socialist partitioning of China and became the largest port of trade with China. Guangzhou and Shanghai lost importance. Hong Kong was returned in 1997 to China, but remained a democratic city.






Discover Hong Kong

Hong Kong consists of three parts, Hong Kong Island, Kowloon / New Territories and a lot of small islands. Hong Kong Island is the center, with the financial district and many shopping centers. Do not miss the view from "The Peak" on the city and the harbor of Hong Kong. You should also go by tram and visit the "Man Mo Temple".

Kowloon is a huge shopping paradise with malls and markets. If you want to buy cheap clothing, you should go to the "Ladies Market". From the promenade "Avenue of Stars" you will have the most beautiful panorama of the Hong Kong skyline. The "Wong Tai Sin Temple" is one of the top attractions of Hong Kong.

Many islands belonging to Hong Kong are in the Pearl River Delta. The most famous of Hong Kong Islands is Lantau Island. Here is the airport of Hong Kong and the "Big Buddha". The other islands smaller, you can reach them by the numerous ferries.