Jade Lake Park

In "Cuihu Gongyuan" Jade Lake Park you can boating, admire lotuses, go through huge bamboo and observe active pensioners who sing, dance or play with their grandchildren. The Jade Lake Park is one of the main attractions of Kunming and a nice place to relax.


Cuihu Gongyuan


Dian Lake

The 39 km long "Dianchi" Dian Lake is just south of the city center, right next to the Western Mountains. With 298 square kilometers it is the largest lake in Yunnan. The Dian Lake has an total area of 536 square kilometers.   




Tanhua Si Gongyuan

The "Tanhua Si Gongyuan" Temple of brief splendor, is situated in the east of Kunming, near the Second Ring Road. The Tanhua Si Gongyuan is a very quiet park, you can get the feeling, that time had stoped here.


Tanhua Lu


Western Mountains

The "Xi Shan" Western Mountains is easily reached via cableway from Hubin Lu an the Dian Lake in Kunming. There are many attractions in the Western Hills, the most famous are the Huating Temple,Taihua Temple, Sanqing Ge and the Dragon Gate "Long Men". Who has not seen the Western Mountains was not in Kunming. The Western Mountains are the top attraction of Kunming.


Xi Shan, Long Men


Kunming Stone Forest

The "Shilin" Stone Forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located about 120 km southeast of Kunming. The bizarre rock formations are famous throughout China and therefor it is not surprising, that you have to share this unique natural wonder, with many tourist groups.


Shilin National Scenic Area


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