Shanghai Museum

The "Shanghai Museum" at Renmin Square das significant cultural treasures from all over China on display. The Museum has a collection of beautiful objects made of bronze, porcelain and jade. It is also famous for its paintings and calligraphies.


Renmin Dadao 201


Zhongguo Yidahuizhi

The 1st National Congress of the Communist Party of China took place in this building on 1 July 1921. One of the Participants was "Mao Zedong" amog other senior representatives of the regional groups of the Communist Party. The "Zhongguo Yidahuizhi" Museum is close to "Xin Tian Di".


Xingye Lu 76


Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

As the name suggests, the museum displays the achievements of science and technology. It is localed in Pudong close to "Century Park".


Shiji Dadao, Pudong


Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

The Shanghai Urban Development Exhibition Center shows a gigantic model with thousands of skyscrapers. When the hall was opened, nobody could hardly imagine that all these skyscrapers could ever be built, but 10 years later Shangai even surpassed this gigantic model. The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center is located in Ren Min Park and has a roof made up of four inverted tents. Shanghai continues to grow and the model is struggling to keep up with the pace of the city.


Renmin Dadao 100


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