Adalaj Vav

A 16th-century Stepwell which was started by King Rana Veer Singh but finished by his killer Mahmud Begada the Sultan of Gujarat. Adalaj Vav Stepwell is five story deep and have beautiful artwork done of its walls, pillars and beam. In simple terms, it’s a heaven for a photographer & history lovers.


Adalaj, Gandhinagar


Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram was one of the residences of Mahatma Gandhi (Father of India). Sabarmati Ashram is a popular attraction of Ahmedabad, situated on the banks of river Sabarmati and holds its value in Indian Freedom movement of 1947.


Ashram Rd., Ahmedabad


Dada Harir Vav

Dada Harir Vav is an octagonal shaped stepwell from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This Vav (Stepwell) was built in the 15th century and is named after a Dhai Harir. The Vav is five stories deep and is a reminder of Islamic rulers of Gujarat.


Haripura Asarwa, Ahmedabad


Modhera Sun Temple

Built in 11th century by Maharaja Bhim Singh, "Modhera Sun Temple" is devoted to a Vedic God (Sun). The whole complex is divided into three sections. Two Temples structures (Gudhamandapa & Garbhagriha) and a Stepwell (Surya Kund). The temple has been transformed into a museum for restoration, and it holds an annual Musical Festival (Modhera Music Festival) in January which is worth attending.




Rani Ka Vav

Rani Ka Vav is UNESCO World Heritage Site and winner of the cleanest tourist site in India (2016). Rani Ka Vav is a 1000 year old Stepwell which is as deep as a 10-floor building and is a living example of Indian art and architecture. Walking in this Vav will give you a feeling of walking in India’s biggest open art gallery.


World Heritage Rd., Patan


Champaner Pavagadh

Champaner Pavagadh Archaeological Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Vadodara city of Gujarat. The Archaeological Park presents the ruins of Mahmud Begada, Sultan of Gujarat and is full of many stunning palaces, tombs, forts and religious sites.


Halol-Pavagadh Rd., Champaner


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Welcome to Gujarat

Gujarat is an Indian state with 60 million inhabitants. The largest city in the state is Ahmedabad with over 5.5 million people. The capital is "Gandhinagar", named after Mahatma Gandhi who was born in Gujarat. The capital of Gujarat was built as a new town in 1970 north of Ahmedabad. 



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