Dolphin Reef

For those who want to swim with dolphins, the Dolphin Reef offers this wonderful opportunity. Part of the Red Sea has been separated by a large net and has become home to a group of dolphins. In Dolphin Reef you can swim, snorkel and dive with the dolphins. The entrance fee is 69 NIS (around 18 €) for adults. The swimming with the dolphins costs extra. Snorkeling plus 290 NIS (around 73 €), diving plus 339 NIS (around 85 €). (All prices of 2019) The time in the water is about 30 minutes.

If you do not want to swim with the dolphins, you can watch the marine mammals from the floating platforms. Dine in the restaurant overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba or swim in the secluded beach area or just lie in the sun. There are chairs, tables and umbrellas. You can order food and drinks on the beach. There is a shop, changing rooms and showers. Those who arrive early enough can park for free. Otherwise you have to park on the street and pay a parking fee.

If you do not have a car, you can also take a bus to the Dolphin Reef, a bus stop is located near the entrance.

Opening times and further information hit the link. 


Dolphin Reef


Eilat boardwalk

The boardwalk is the center of Eilat. Parallel to the beach on the Red Sea runs the Derech Pa'amei HaShalom. The waterfront is a pedestrian area with hotels and shopping malls. Bridges span the canals that lead to the harbor. There are restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors, a small amusement park and of course a wide sandy beach. Shortly before sunset is the time when it gets crowded, young and old stroll along the sea and enjoy the cool breeze. 


Derech Pa'amei HaShalom


Lagoona Harbor

The Lagoona Marina is the hub of Eilat. Around the harbor are huge hotels with shops and restaurants in the basement. HaMayim Street surrounds the harbor basin, luxury boats swing on the water. Lagoona has been extended to by the New Lagoon, since then footbridges span the waterway between the two basins.  


HaMayim Street


New Marina

Another harbor basin is being built on the border to Jordan. The New Marina still looks like a mirage. The water in the middle of the desert, with palm trees and the high mountains in the background, is a great photo opportunity. But soon there will be more hotels and shopping centers.   


New Marina


Ice Mall

Ice in the desert? Of course, in the Ice Mall of Eilat. A large hall with a rink in the middle and shops around. The little ones skate while their parents go shopping or sipping espresso in the café. There are many fashion stores for teenagers on two levels in the Mall. 


Kampen Street 8


Underwater Observatory Marine Park

The Aquarium "Coral World" is actually called Underwater Observatory Marine Park and is located about 6 kilometers outside the city, on the highway 90 towards the border crossing to Egypt. If you do not have a car, you can also take public buses to Coral World.

The Underwater Observatory Marine Park is a large complex with several areas. The most striking structure is "The Tower", which is located above the coral reef, and protrudes like a white pointed cap from the Red Sea. Here you can watch the underwater world of the Red Sea without getting wet. Other attractions in Coral World include a shark tunnel and sea turtle feeding. The "Oceanarium" is a cinema in which a film about the underwater world is shown.

Admission: Adults 99 NIS (around 25 €), with Oceanarium 109 NIS (around 27.50 €). (prices of 2019)

Opening times and further information hit the link. 


Underwater Observatory Marine Park


Botanical Garden Eilat

On the northern outskirts of Eilat is the Botanical Garden. Here the desert was literally made arable. With much patience and water, large native trees were bred, which shade other plants today and turn the Botanical Garden into a green oasis.

Admission 28 NIS for adults (2019) 


Carmel Street 14


Beaches in Eilat

In the city center of Eilat there are public beaches. Outside there are also some beaches but large parts of the coast are protected nature reserve and may not be used for swimming or diving, so that the coral reef will not be destroyed. Therefore, you can often find fences and barriers along the coast. On the public beaches there are parking lots. 


Almog Beach


Coral Beach Eilat

The Red Sea is one of the most beautiful places in the world for diving. Long coral reefs line the shore on the road to Egypt. The coral reef is under conservation, only a few places to snorkel and dive are open to the public. One of these places is the Eilat Coral Beach Nature Reserve. A long jetty leads from the beach to the sea side of the coral reef. Here you can snorkel along the reef and explore the underwater world.

Admission for adults 35 NIS (2019)


Coral Beach


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