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The Bahai Temple is the most famous attraction of Haifa and since 2008 UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Bahai religion arose in 1844 with a divine vision of the founder Seyyed Ali Muhammad Sirazi called Bab. The Bab came from Persia (Iran). The Baha'is separate from Islam and were persecuted for religiously reasons in Persia. In 1850 Bab was executed in Tabriz. His successor Baha Ullah flees to the Ottoman Empire and founds a religious school in Akko, where the most important writings of the Bahai doctrine arise. At the site of the former school is now a shrine, to which all followers of the Bahai religion pray. Mount Carmel is for the Bahai the mountain of God, to which all people will come. Therefore Baha Ullah established his tomb on Mount Carmel. The building with the golden dome in the garden of the Bahai temple, is the tomb of the Bab, here are his mortal remains. The Bahai garden is on an axis with Ben Gurion Boulevard that leads from the harbor towards the mountain. From the lookout on top of the Bahai garden, you can see as far as Akko.

In 1879, Abdul Baha bought the land on Mount Carmel, which is now the Bahai Garden. The Shrine of Bab was built in 1953 by Canadian architect William Sutherland Maxwell with marble from Italy.

In New Delhi there is another famous Bahai temple.


Bahai Temple


Haifa Centre

Haifa city center is located around Paris Square. Haifa is a port city and the economic center in the north of Israel. Although people have lived on Mount Carmel from time immemorial, Haifa is a young city, that arose when the railway was built. Therefore, there is no picturesque Old Town, well-known churches or other attractions in Haifa. There is nothing special to explore in the city centre. There are a few highrise buildings and shopping streets that do not invite you to linger.

Another attraction of Haifa is the Carmelite Monastery Stella Maris. On the western slope of the Carmel Mountains, the Carmelite Order was founded in 1150. Also worth seeing is the University of Haifa, with buildings by famous architects. On Ben Gurion Boulevard is the German Colony, a settlement of the German Knights Templar, who built a settlements in the Holy Land in 1868. In the small stone houses are restaurants and cafes.


Paris Square


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