Sahil Parki

The Sahil Park is right on the Sea of Marmara, where the ramparts of Teodos II ends. A tower of the wall is still in the park. Along the coastal road Kennedy Cad. are several parks created by landfill. Even a large new park was built along the coastal avenue. Anyone who wants to get away from the narrow, crowded city can come hre and overlook the sparkling sea.


Kennedy Cad.


Istanbul Universitesi

The University of Istanbul is located in a beautiful park. One of the few green spaces in the city center. The park is also suitable for visitors, especially in spring, when it blooms everywhere. The horseshoe-shaped entrance portal of the university in the Ottoman style is also worth a visit.


Beyazit Meydani


Sultan Ahmed Parki

From the Sultan Ahmed Park you have a good view on Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. The small park is located exactly between these two main attractions of Istanbul. Every tourist of the beautiful city on the Bosporus, comes here at least once.


Sultan Ahmed Parki


Gülhane Parki

The Gülhane Park is a beautiful park on the slopes of Topkapi Sarayi. In the spring bloom here many colorful tulips. The Tulip Lale is the symbol of Istanbul, the Topkapi Sarayi the flower was grown for the first time to create tulip gardens throughout the city. Every year in April in Istanbul the "International Tulip Festival". 


Alemdar Sogukcesme Sk.



The Bosphorus is the strait between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. The Bosphorus is the border between Asia and Europe. A boat trip on the Bosphorus to the Black Sea, Istanbul is at its best.  




Map Gardens in Istanbul


Travel Guide Istanbul

Parks and Nature in Istanbul

Istanbul is a densely built-up city with few green spaces. The climate is pleasant and plants grow very well here. The tulip is the symbol of Istanbul and you can find it in many parks. The tulips in Gülhane Park are most beautiful. Istanbul lies on the Bosporus and the Sea of Marmara. There are long shorelines but no beaches near the city center. There are smaller bathing bays in Barkirköy and Göztepe. Those who want to escape from the big city can visit Prince's Island or take a boat along the Bosporus.