Anit Kabir

The first President of Turkey "Mustafa Kemal Ataturk" died in 1938. His mausoleum was built in 1953 on a hill overlooking Ankara, the new capital of Turkey. The very impressive Memorial, was designed by the architects Emin Onat and Orhan Arda. The "Anit Kabir" is the major attraction of Ankara.

Ulus Meydani

The Ulus Meydani (Square of the Nation) was once the center of Ankara, where the first parliamentary building of the young capital of Turkey was situated. Atatürk lodged at the Ankara Palas, a hotel at Ulus. In the center of the square stands the monument of the victory, which recalls the war of independence.  

Ankara Palas

The Ankara Palas was originally planned as a Ministry of Health. After its completion in 1928, the building was used as a guesthouse of the young Turkish nation. The Ankara Palace is a mixture of European and Ottoman architecture. 

Ankara Kalesi

The Ankara Citadel was built by the "Hittites" on a 978 m high cliff above the city. The capital of the "Hittites" was "Hattusa" was about 180 km east of Ankara. The heyday of the Hittites was around 1300 B.C..

Roma Hamami

The Roman emperor "Caracalla" saw himself as a successor of "Alexander the Great", he tried but failed to conquer the East. In Ankara he built the eponymous spas in 215 B.C., which were discovered in 1937. The "Caracalla Thermae" is a huge archeological site with lots of beautiful capitals. 

Kocatepe Camii

The "Kocatepe Camii" is the largest mosque in the Turkish capital. It was completed after twenty years of construction in 1987. The style is a reminiscent of old Ottoman mosques such as the Sultan Ahmed Camii in Istanbul.


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