Genclik Parki

The Genclik Park is the most beautiful park in the center of the Turkish capital. The paths are paved with light natural stones and the park has several large water basins. The Genclik Park looks very well maintained and is situated between the Central Station and the historc center of Ankara.


Talatpasa Blvd.


Abdi Ipekçi Parki

In the middle of the small Abdi Ipekçi Park is an S-shaped pond. In the park is also a sculpture of two large hands stretching into the sky. 


Atatürk Blv.



In Ankara, cabbage is often planted as decoration on Steets, squares and in parks. The plant is particularly suitable for the cold winters in Ankara.


Hüseyin Gazi

From the observation tower "Atakule" you can see the brown "Hüseyin Mountain" tothe north-east. There is a road where you can drive to the mountain top.


Hüseyin Gazi Türbesi Yolu



Ankara is located in central Anatolia, with the forested mountains in the north and a dry plain in the south. Between Istanbul and Ankara you drive through the fertile highlands of Anatolia. Mountains and fields alternate, you can see many fruit trees. In spring, Anatolia is a blossoming landscape with high mountains in the background.


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Nature, parks and gardens in Ankara

Ankara is around 930 m above sea level and is surrounded by mountains. In winter it can get really cold here. As a result, the climate of Ankara is similar to that in Central Europe. The central park in Ankara is the Genclik Park, which invites you to stroll with its lake and fountains.