Museum of Anatolian Culture

The probably most interesting museum of Ankara shows valuable finds of the "Hittites", whose capital "Hattusa" was about 150 km to the east of Ankara. The wonderful "Anadolu Medeniyeteri Müzesi" should not be missed.


Gözcü Sk. 2


Ethnographic Museum Ankara

The "Etnografya Müzesi" shows the development of Turkish craftsmanship. In the splendid former city palace fine carpets, beautiful clothes and artistic woodwork are exhibited.


TalatPasa Blvd.


Cumhuriyet Müzesi

The "Museum of the National Assembly" honors the successes of the Turkish Republic since its founding in 1923. The building of architect Vedat Tek built in 1924 is also worth a visit because of the beautiful interior.


Cumhuriyet Cd.


Resim ve Heykel Müzesi

The Resim ve Heykel Museum shows art of painting and sculpture from the last 200 years. The museum organizes art exhibitions by international artists. The museum is also a center for art lectures, films, slide shows and workshops.

Türkocagi Sk.


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Museum guide Ankara

There are several museums in Ankara, the best known and worth seeing for tourists is the Hetiter Museum Anadolu Medeniyeteri Müzesi. Here you can marvel at really extraordinary objects from the Anatolian high culture. The museum is one of the touristic highlights of Ankara.