Hyde Park

King Henry VIII bought the land from the canons of Westmister Abbey and turned it into a hunting ground. Charles I opened the site for the public in 1637. In 1733 the land was converted into a park. The "Hyde Park" is famous for the "Speakers' Corner" at Park Lane/Oxford Street.  

St. James's Park

St. James Park was named after a hospital that was already there, when King Henry VIII acquired the land. He built the "St. James's Palace" and used the land as a kind of zoo. In 1827 the park was redesigned according to the plans of John Nash

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park was once a royal hunting ground, which was opened in the 18th century for the public. You will have a very nice panorama from the famous "Greenwich Observatory" on the Thames and the skyline of the Docklands.

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Regent's Park

The "Regent's Park" is almost as large as the famous "Hyde Park" but it is rarely visited by tourists. In the park there is the "London Zoo" and a Boating Lake with pedal boats for rent. There are several cafes, a rose garden and an open air theater. 

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