Arios Pagos

The Areopagus "Hill of Ares" was the seat of the supreme council in ancient times, which was also called "Areopagus". The supreme council was the court of Athens and to this day the Greek Supreme Court is called "Aeropag". Many buildings and temples used to stand on the green hill, some of the remains of which are still preserved. The apostle Paul gave his speech to the citizens of Athens here in the year 50 AD. As a tourist, you pass Aeropag if you walk to the Acropolis.


Apostolou Pavlou


Ethnikos Kipos

The national garden "Ethnikos Kipos" is one of the few green spaces in the center of Athens. Palm trees and other Mediterranean plants make the garden a popular oasis. Small ponds and water basins create a pleasant microclimate. The park was created by Queen Amalie in 1840 and is located directly behind the Parliament of Greece on Syntagma Square, south of the national garden is the Zappeion.


Leof. Vas. Amalias



Lykavittos is the most beautiful viewpoint of Athens. From the top of the hill you can see the city center and the the sea in the background. The 277 m high mountain can be reached by cable car or on foot via numerous stairs. There are several restaurants and an Orthodox church on the top. In the evening, the view over the city's sea of lights is very impressive. In the picture gallery you will find a photo of the view of the Acropolis at night. The valley station of the Lykavittos cable car is located on Aristippou Street (hit the marker for location).




Oros Egaleo Mountains

The 469 m high mountain range just to the west of Athens, offers on its hillsides forests for hiking. In winter, snow can also be found at high altitudes. At the "Battle of Salamis", the mesopotamian King Xerxes watched the course of the famous naval battle from up here. The mountains are about 20 km long and 4 km wide. The photo shows the view from Lykavittos hill to the north.


Saronic Gulf

The "Saronic Gulf" is part of the Aegean Sea and is situated between Attica and the Peloponnese. Here is also the island of "Salamis", where the Greek fleet defeated the Persians. The trams T1-3 run from the city center to the beaches by the sea. 


Saronikos Kolpos



Map of nature in Athens


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