National Archaeological Museum Athens

All of the important art treasures from antiquity found in Athens are gathered in the National Archaeological Museum. The museum was founded in 1889 to present the many archaeological finds to the public. It is the most important museum in Greece and one of the top museums in the world. The permanent collection shows over 1000 sculptures from all parts of the Greek world, which at that time comprised the eastern Mediterranean from Egypt to Sicily. The statue of Athena from the Parthenon Temple is also located here. The National Archaeological Museum of Athens also shows prehistoric excavations from Mycenae, Thera and the Cyclades. The metalwork from Cyprus is also worth seeing. Individual topics are highlighted in temporary exhibitions with exhibits from other museums around the world. The National Museum is a highlight of Athens, here you can marvel at unique sculptures.


Patission 44


Agora Museum

The "Agorá Museum" is a replica from 1956 of the "Attalosstoá". The original was built around 150 BC by King Attalos II of Pergamon. The "Stoá" used to be a shopping lane, today the museum shows exhibits are of the ancient Agorá. 


Adrianou, Monastiraki


National Gallery

The National Gallery shows Greek artists, but has also a significant collection of European paintings. In addition to historical paintings, the gallery also shows modern installations and presents contemporary art.


50 Vassileos Konstantinou


National Historic Museum of Greece

The building was used as parliament building between 1858-1934. Since then, it is the "Historical Museum of Greece", which focuses on the liberation struggle from the Turkish occupation.


Pl. Kolokotroni


Byzantine Museum

The Byzantine Museum displays sculptures, works of art and icons from the period between 800-1800. The Museum is famous for the fragments of ancient temples.


Leof. Vas. Sofias


City Museum of Athens

The Museum of the History of Athens has specialized in the period after 1800. On the website there is a 3d model of the city from 1842 and an architectural guide from 1880-2000. In the small garden there is a nice bistro and in the museum shop you can buy books about the history of the city. The museum is closed on Tuesdays.


Klafthmonos Platz


Acropolis Museum

The "Acropolis Museum" was inaugurated by the architect Bernard Tschumi in 2009. If you visit the Acropolis you should also take a look inside the museum. Here you can learn about the history of the Acropolis from creation to destruction. In the "Acropolis museum" you will see the original frieze of the "Parthenon Temple".


Dionysiou Areopagitou


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