Fondation Luis Vuitton

The Fondation Louis Vuitton is a center for contemporary creations in the Bois de Boulogne. Architect of the cloud-like structure was the American architect Frank O. Gehry. The extraordinary building was opened in 2014.  

Buildings by Frank O. Gehry:

Guggenheim Museum BilbaoFondation Luis Vuitton ParisWalt Disney Concert Hall Los AngelesGehry Tower HannoverMoPop Museum Seattle8 Spruce Street NYC

Passerelle Simon Beauvoir

The pedestrian bridge in the east of Paris spans from the National Library to the Parc de Bercy. The curved bridge of Dietmar Feichtinger was opened in 2006. The "Passerelle Simon Beauvoir" connects the river walk below with the promenade above. The bridge connects two sides of the river on two different levels.

Cité de la Mode et du Design

The architects Jakob + MacFarlane transformed a warehouse on the River Seine into the center for fashion and design. A futuristic steel glass object was hung at the old concrete structure of the hall in 2008. "La Cité de la Mode et du Design" is like a bright, green parasite overgrowing the old building. 

Musee du quai Branly

The Musee du quai Branly by Jean Nouvel was opened in 2006. The building consists of a curved glass façade which takes up the curvature of the nearby river Seine. Colored cubes stand out of the building and parts of the façade where planted (photo) by Patrick Blanc. 

Bibliotheque national de France

The new building of the National Library was built by Dominique Perrault in 1996. Four towers, like open books, mark the 4 corners of a courtyard with a forrest inside. The "Bibliotheque national de France" is also called "Bibliotheque François Mitterrand".

Grande Arche

The "Grande Arche" in La Défense forms the end point of the "Great Axis" of Paris. At the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution, the cubic office building was opened in 1989. The Danish architect Spreckelsen, who died in 1987, disigned the "Grande Arche". 

Louvre Pyramid

Like the National Library and the Grande Arche, the expansion of the Louvre was also a "Grande Projet" by François Mitterand. A new entrance was build by Architect I.M. Pei in 1989. Two glass pyramids lead to the new entrance underground. 

Parc de la Villette

The former abattoir site was transformed into one of the largest parks of Paris in 1983. The Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi designed a park with 26 red cubes (Folies) standing on a grid in the park. The red "Folies" have different function, this one is used as a public cafe. Parc de la Villette 

Centre Georges-Pompidou

One of the most extraordinary buildings ever, is the Centre Pompidou by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. On the west facade an outer escalator extends to all floors, the east side is covered with coloured supply lines. 

Tours Nuages

The housing project of Emile Aillaud consists of 18 towers, the tallest is 105 m high. The rounded facades are decorated with tiles, whose patterns and the shape of the floorplan reminds of clouds (French Nuages). The residential towers in Nanterre were completed in 1977. 

Villa Savoye

Le Corbusier built the Villa for the family Savoye in 1931. The building is regarded as an icon of architecture. The transitions from indoor to outdoor areas make the house very special.

Buildings by Le Corbusier:

Corbusierhaus BerlinVilla SavoyeCentre Le CorbusierNational Museum of Western ArtUN New York 


82 rue de Villiers, Poissy


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