Villa Méditerranée

The Villa Méditerranée by the Milanese architectural office Stefano Boeri opened in 2013. The exhibition and conference center was realized as part of the European Capital of Culture. The Villa Méditerranée stands next to the "Mucem" Musee de civilizations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée by the French architect Rudy Ricciotti, which was also built in 2013. Both structures stand in the former harbor basin between the Cathedral of Marseille and Fort Saint-Jean.

The Villa Méditerranée has a far cantilevered upper floor, the steel structure of which is easy to see at night. The Mucem is a square structure that is encased on three sides by facade elements made of ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC). The approx. 3x6 m large concrete elements were put together to form a net that focuses on the fishermen in the Mediterranean. The exhibition rooms are accessed via ramps that lead to the roof terrace. Here you can walk over a footbridge to Fort Saint-Jean.


Esplanade J4


Vieux Port

Sir Norman Foster along with Michel Desvigne, redesigned the square at the old harbour "Vieux Port". The highlight is the shining pavilion built in 2013, made of mirror-finished stainless steel elements.


Quai de Belges


Tour CMA

The 145 m high tower by the English star architect Zaha Hadid was completed in 2012. It is the first of several high-rise buildings to be built in the "Euroméditerranée Development Zone". The height of the tower was confined by the cathedral of "Notre Dame de la Garde". The cathedral is 161 meters high, on a hill top above the city and can not be surpassed.

Other buildings by Zaha Hadid:

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Quai d'Arenc


Les Docks

The warehouse "Les Docks" at the port of Marseille was erected in 1858 by architect Gustave Desplaces. The 365 m long building complex was rebuilt in 1991 by Eric Castaldi. A shopping passage was built on the ground floor, to connect the 4 glass-covered courtyards. The 7 storey warehouse has become a modern office and shopping center with 66,000 square meters, used by more than 200 companies and organizations. At the northern entrance of "Les Docks" starts the new development zone of "Euroméditerranée". 

Place de la Juliette


Cité Radieuse

In 1952 the architect Le Corbusier created the housing machine "Cité Radieuse" with 337 apartments on 18 floors. All apartments are planned as duplex apartments and on the roof there is a communal roof terrace. The "Unité d'Habitation" is one of the most famous buildings of Le Corbusier.  


Boulevard Michelet


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