Promenade des Anglais

The English were the first Northern Europeans to hibernate in Nice. The Promenade des Anglais was built around 1850 on the initiative of those Englishmen. The broad promenade along the beach is always busy. 


Promenade des Anglais


Vieille Ville

The old town of Nice with its narrow streets and colorful houses is very reminiscent of an Italian city. Nice has been part of Italy for many years and has adopted the best of both countries. Many lovely shops and restaurants are hidden in the small streets. The Place Rossetti is home to the baroque Cathédrale Sainte-Réparate de Nice.


Place Rossetti


Cours Saleya

The Cours Saleya is the largest square in the old town. During the day there is a very nice market with food, flowers and spices. In the evening the restaurants put their tables on the square and attract visitors with sumptuous seafood plates and food with fine fragrances. 

Place du Palais de Justice

The recently renovated Palace of Justice dominates the Place du Palais de Justice. On the beautiful square farmers markets and other events take place. If there are no festivities you can simply relax in a café. 

Opéra de Nice

Since 1776 there is a theater at this site, which was replaced in 1826 by the "Théâtre Royal". In 1881 the "Théâtre Royal" was destroyed by a fire. The new building was called "Opéra de Nice" and was opened to the public in 1902.

Cathedrale Russe

This Russian Orthodox church was built in the park of Villa Bermond in 1903 at the request of the Russian Empress Maria Feodorovna. Her son Nicolas lived in the Villa Bermond and died here in 1864. It was built after the example of St. Basil's Cathedral on the Red Square in Moscow.  

Basilique Notre-Dame de Nice

The neo-Gothic church is reminiscent of the cathedral "Notre Dame" in Paris. The church was built in 1868 by Lois Lenormand. The "Basilique Notre-Dame de Nice" is the largest church in the city and is located directly on the main shopping street. 


The "Nicetoile" is the largest shopping center in the city centre. Opened in 1982, the Mall was built on the site of the former "Hospice de la Charité".

Map of sights in Nice


Nice France