The "Weißenhofsiedlung" was built on the Killesberg for the "Werkbund" exhibition of 1927. Famous architects like Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Peter Behrens, Hans Scharoun and others have designed buildings here. 


Weißenhof Straße



Le Corbusier Haus

The house of "Le Corbusier" is the most famous building of the "Weißenhofsiedlung" and was listed as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 2016. The house was built with "Pierre Jeanneret" in 1928. To the North there is another residential house built by the two Swiss architects. Today the "Weißenhof Museum" is located here. 

Bibliothek Stuttgart

The "Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart" city library was built according to the plans of the Korean architect Eun Young Yi. Opened in 2011, the library stands on a square footprint. The cube measures 44 m and has a height of 40 m. In the center of the building is a four-storey high reading room. 

Hochschule der Medien

The auditorium building for the "Hochschule der Medien" (Media University) was designed by Christof Simon. The cube like building was completed in 2016. The façade is made of concrete sandwich elements and large windows. The load-bearing façade allows maximum flexibility inside. 

Fraunhofer Institut

The "Fraunhofer Institute" for Labor and Organization has built an interesting new building by dutch architects of UNStudio. The "Center for Virtual Engineering" serves as a laboratory for new work design and offers fluid spaces with communication-promoting structures. 

Porsche Museum

The "Porsche Museum" was designed by the Viennese architectural firm of "Delugan Meissl", who won the architectural competition in 2004 with 170 participants. The construction costs doubled until the opening in 2009 to approximately 100 million euro. The protruding steel construction of the exhibition hall is held by three concrete cores.

Stadthaus Ostfildern

The Stadthaus by "Jürgen Mayer H" was inaugurated in 2002 at the Scharnhauser Park in the suburb of Ostfildern. The extravagant, multifunctional building houses the town hall, a school and a library. 

Mercedes-Benz Museum

The Dutchman "Ben van Berkel" of UNStudio designed the building in 2001. The "Mercedes-Benz Museum" was completed in 2006. The basic concept of the building is a spiral that winds around the central atrium. On this spiral, the famous automobiles are lined up. 


The new building of the art gallery ABTART by Nixdorf architects was opened in 2009. In 2012, the building received the "Award for Exemplary Building" by the Stuttgart Chamber of Architects. Two cubes of glass and bronze protrude from the dark brickwork. The gallery has 3 floors and a sculpture courtyard outside. 

Map of architecture in Stuttgart