Duomo di Pisa

The occasion for the construction of the cathedral "Duomo di Pisa" was the victory over the "Saracens" in 1063 near Palermo. The victory brought rich prey to the cities involved in the war and they invested generously in ecclesiastical splendor. 

Leaning tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was built in 1372 as a bell tower of the cathedral. Even during construction period the tower began to lean. The works were interrupted and the other floors were built slightly offset to shift the weight. The imbalance of the tower is due to the sandy subsoil, which mouved under the weight of the tower. The Campanile is 55.8 meters high and at the top it is leaning about 4 m. The best thing about the tower are the people in front of it, which take pictures in the most impossible positions. 


The round baptistery was begun in Romanesque style in 1152 and was completed in gothic style in 1394. One can see the break in the building style on the lower two floors of the façade, which still have Romanesque arches. The dome was originally open above the baptismal font and was closed later on. The exceptional acoustics of the building are occasionally demonstrated by tour guides.  

Camposanto Monumentale

The "Camposanto" is a cemetery in the form of a rectangular cloister with round arches and green courtyard. In the corridors are magnificent tombs of the nobles and church dignitaries. The construction was started in 1278. 

Museo delle Sinopie

The museum in a former hospital, shows the sketches (sinopia) of the frescoes from the Camposanto cemetery to the opposite of the Piazza dei Miracoli. The museum also shows films on how the "Leaning Tower" was stabilized in recent decades and saved it from collapsing.   


Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa 


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