Dar Pomorza

The 91 m long sailing ship "Dar Pomorza" was built in 1909 in Hamburg, Germany. As a reparation payment for the First World War, the three-master went to France. With the help of donations from the population, the Polish naval academy was able to acquire the ship in 1930. Since 1983 the "Dar Pomorza" is a museum ship at the pier of Gdynia


Aleja Jana Pawla II, Gdynia


Sea Towers Gdynia

The most striking building of Gdynia are the two towers called "Sea Towers". The Sea Towers were completed in 2009. The higher of the two towers is 125.4 m tall, with antenna the total height is 141.6 m. The two skyscrapers are interconnected over several floors. The Sea Towers were designed by the Viennese architects Andrzej Kapuscik. The two extravagant residential towers are located directly on the harbor basin, very close to the museum ships on the Al. Jana Pawla II.


Sea Towers, Gdynia


ORP Blyskawica

The destroyer ORP Blyskawica is located on the Aleja Jana Pawla II. The battleship was built in Great Britain in 1936 and decommissioned in 1975. It has been a museum ship in the port of Gdynia since 1976 and is the oldest surviving destroyer in the world. The ORP Blyskawica is 114 m long and 11.3 m wide.


Aleja Jana Pawla II, Gdynia



Molo Poludniowe

The "Molo Poludniowe" (southern pier) in Gdynia is the harbor pier, where the museum ships "Dar Pomorza" and "Blyskawica" are located together with the Oceanographic Museum.





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