Lighthouse of Sopot

The lighthouse of Sopot stands at the Skwer Kuracyjny and was actually built as a observation tower in 1904. The chimney of the Balneological Institute (Institute of Spas and Healing) should be covered by a shell structure. Therefore, the 30 m high observation tower was built around the chimney. In 1945, the bath institute became a sanatorium. It was not until 1957 that a lantern was installed and the building used as a lighthouse. In 1975, the chimney became obsolete by a new heating system. The observation deck can still be used and offers a beautiful view over Sopot and the Gdańsk Bay.


Laternia Morska


Sopot Beach

The fine sandy beach of Sopot is very wide and many kilometers long. From the mole in Orlowo to the Westerplatte, the beach on the Bay of Gdansk stretches for more than 10 kilometers. Even though Sopot overflows with people in August, there is still enough space on the beach for everyone. There are now numerous restaurants, bars and cafes along the beach.


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Grand Hotel Sopot

The Grand Hotel was opened in 1927 as the "Casino Hotel Sopot". Adolf Hitler resided here in 1939, soon afterwards the hotel was converted into a hospital. After the war, the house went to a shipping company, which renamed it Grand Hotel Sopot. From 1954 the hotel is managed by Orbis. Since 1990 there is again a casino in the hotel, which now belongs to the French Accor Group. The official name today is Sofitel Grand Sopot. The Grand Hotel has 5 stars and is quite expensive in the summer.


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The horseshoe-shaped health resort square of Sopot (Skwer Kuracyjny Sopot) is shielded by a covered gallery to the winds of the Baltic Sea. In the middle, the gallery like building opens to the pier, that leads to the sea. On the city side, the square is dominated by a new hotel and shopping center.


Skwer Kuracyjny, Sopot


Molo Sopot

The "Molo Sopot" is with 511 m the longest wooden pier in Europe. The first section was built in 1829, in 1910 the pier was extended to 315 m. In 1927 the pier was completed. At the end of the pier, there is a restaurant and a marina.


Molo Sopot


Bohaterow Monte Cassino

The main shopping street of Sopot called Monciak, is well visited in summer. In the meantime, international trade chains are spreading here as well. But there are still many cafes and restaurants. Ulica Bohaterow Monte Cassino leads from the station to the Beach of Sopot. The former "See-Straße" was renamed by Poland in Monte Cassino Street. In the Italian town of Monte Cassino, the German Wehrmacht stopped the Allied Forces four months, killing 20,000 Germans and 55,000 Allied soldiers. Many Poles fought on the side of the Allies and suffered very heavy casualties. The Battle of Monte Cassino is considered unnecessary dying on both sides, since Germany had no real chance to win the war in 1944. Very sad name for a cheerful vacation town like Sopot.


Ulica Bohaterow Monte Cassino


Krzywy Domek

The Krzywy Domek is right on the shopping street Monte Cassino. The crooked house looks as if it had been distorted by an image editing program. The architects Szotynski and Zaleski managed to design an absolutely ridiculous building in 2004. Everyone has to decide for themselves what they think about it. The Krzywy Domek has definitely become an attraction of Sopot.


Bohaterów Monte Cassino 53


St. George's Church

The present day St. George's Church Kosciol sw Jerzego was built in 1901 as Protestant church of the Redeemer. It is the first large structure that can be seen when leaving Sopot railway station. The neo-Gothic brick church was designed by the german architect Ludwig von Tiedemann. After the Second World War, the church was handed over to the Polish Catholics.


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