Vistula Spit

The "Vistula Spit" (Mierzeja Wislana) is a narrow strip of land in the east of Gdańsk. One side is on the Baltic Sea, the other shore is on the "Vistula Lagoon". The long sandy beach with pine forests is one of the most popular leasure destinations of Gdańsk. 

Gniew Castle

The "German Order" founded the settlement of Mewe (Gniew) in 1276 to control the River Vistula. The monumental castle was built in 1380. It is surrounded by a wall and a moat. The Knights of the German Order had to withdraw from the castle in 1466. The Polish kings took over the fortress after the siege. 


The Frombork Cathedral was built between 1342 and 1388. The complex is surrounded by a wall with watchtowers and an observatory. From the bell tower you have a beautiful view of the "Vistula Lagoon" and the Cathedral. Nicolaus Copernicus lived here, before he could prove the earth's rotation in Torun. 

Wolf's Lair

The Wolfsschanze (Wolf's Lair) was the headquarter of Adolf Hitler and the German Wehrmacht during the German invasion of Russia. This was also the place, where Graf von Stauffenberg tried to assassinate Hitler in 1944. Today huge bunker remains decay in the forest. The bunker complex was built in 1940 and consisted of about 100 buildings. 

Masurian Lake District

Mazury is the southern part of East Prussia with a beautiful lake scenery. One can take a boat trip on the lakes, because most lakes are connected by channels. Who is more sporty can sail or go canoeing. 


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