20 BCThe Romans found the town of Colonia Julia Augusta Faventino Barcino 
270 ADBarcino is attacked but not conquered by the Germanic Tribes. 
410The Visigoths conquer Rome. 
415The Visigoths conquer Barcino and make it their Capital. 
418The Visigoths´ Capital is relocated to Tolosa (Toulouse). 
717Following the massacre of Tarragona Barchinona falls into the hands of the Arabs without struggle. Many inhabitants flee to France.  
732The Franconians defeat the Arabs near Poitiers. 
801Ludwig, son of Charlemagne, conquers Barcelona. 
985Barcelona is looted and burned down by the Arabs. 
1000Barcelona has about 1.000 inhabitants. 
1210Population rises to 15.000. 
1248King Jaume I of Catalonia and Aragon conquers Valencia and Mallorca. 
1330Barcelona has 48.000 inhabitants. 
1347Plague and Pestilence rage. 
1370Population figures decrease to 30.000. 
1391The Jewish quarter is assaulted and burned down. 
1492Granada is recaptured, the Jewish Population expelled from Spain and Columbus sails to America. Barcelona has 20.000 inhabitants.
1493The Spanish Royal House finances Columbus´ second expedition to the New World. 
1652Catalonia becomes a part of Spain. 
1701War of the Spanish Succession. 
1714After one year of resistence against the House of Bourbon, Barcelona is conquered by France and invaded by General Berwicks troops on September 11. Catalonia feels oppressed by France and Spain. September 11 is Catalonias National Holiday. 
1808French troops occupy Barcelona. 
1814The French troops withdraw and Catalonia becomes Spanish again. 
1830The Population figures rise to 100.000. 
1859Madrid authorizes urban expansion (Eixample) according to the plans of Cerda. Population is 160.000. 
1877Population rises to another 270.000. 
1883Antonio Gaudi begins to construct the Cathedral La Sagrada Familia. 
1888The World Exhibition takes place at Parc De La Ciutadella. 
1922The Underground Line starts operations. 
1929The Second World Exhibition takes place at Montjuic.
1937Start of the Spanish Civil War.
1939Franco takes Barcelona and Madrid.
1941Population rises to over 1 Million.
1975The dictator Franco dies. Barcelona has 1,745 Million inhabitants.
1992The Olympic Games are held in Barcelona.
2012Bullfighting is banned. The old Arenas become museums and shopping malls.
2016The city of Barcelona has over 1,6 Million inhabitants.




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