Kangaroo Point Cliff Park

The "Kangaroo Cliffs" are located on the river side opposite the city center. Above the Cliffs there is a café with a great panoramic view overf the river, the Botanical Garden and the Skyline Brisbane. At the river you will find "The Cliffs Boardwalk", which starts at the Maritime Museum and leads to "CT White Park".

Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

The center of Brisbane is located in a loop of the Brisbane River. At the top of this river bend, there is the Botanical Garden. In the "Botanical Garden" you will find many native flowers and trees. Brisbane has an another Botanical Garden, located in the Toowong district on "Mount Coot-Tha", with herbarium, tropical garden and Japanese garden.


Alice Street

Mount Coot.Tha Rd.

South Bank Parklands

The Expo site was converted into a park, after the 1988 World Exposition. The "South Bank Boardwalk" winds along the Brisbane River. The way along the richer "The Arbor" is accompanied by steel constructions on which lush flowers bloom. In the Southbank Parklands there is the city beach called "Streets Lagoon". 

Brisbane River

The Brisbane River meanders through the city and flows into the Pacific. The river feeds Lake Wivenhoe, which is located about 40 km to the west of Brisbane on Mount Glorius. Tip: There are ferries that dock on both sides of the river they can be used for boat trips on the Brisbane River. 


Brisbane River, Story Bridge



Post Office Square

One of the few parks in the city center is the "Post Office Square", between Central Station and General Post Office. In the small park is also the local ANZAC Memorial. On Post Office Square you can also find the famous Queensland "Bottle Tree". 

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Who does not want to see a koala? The cute, little bears are just too sweet even if they feel like a matted old carpet. In a suburb of Brisbane, you will find the "Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary" where you can observe the gray tree squatter and other Australian animals. 

Bribie Island Beach

If you are looking for a 30 km long, lonely sand beach near Brisbane, you should go to Woorim on "Bribie Island". The Island is located approximately 60 km to the north of Brisbane and is connected by a bridge to the mainland. The island mainly consists of forest areas. From Woorim heading north, you will soon be alone on the beach.

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is the touristic center of the region. The city at the beach can be reached from Brisbane in an hour. There are not only wide sandy beaches but also many other attractions, such as Sea World, skyscrapers with observation deck, shopping malls, restaurants and so on. If you don't like lonely beaches, this is the place. Gold Coast is about sun and fun.



Broad Beach



Byron Bay

Byron Bay is very popular among surfers because it is located on a cape with two beaches. One of the beaches is orientated to the north, the other to the south-east, which increases the probability to catch the perfect wave. The small town of "Byron Bay" seems to be populated only by surfers. There are a couple of nice cafes and restaurants. Relaxed atmosphere, just like Australia is expected to be. 


Byron Bay


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