Gold Coast

The "Gold Coast" begins approximately 70 km south of Brisbane and is a collection of seaside resorts on an 18 km long sandy beach. The "Gold Cost" attracts more than 10 million visitors each year. Huge hotel and apartment towers have emerged, creating an impressive skyline.


Gold Coast, Queensland


Surfers Paradise

The center of the "Gold Coast" is "Surfer's Paradise", where the most and the highest towers of the resort are located. In "Surfers Paradise" there is also a city center with many shops and a selection of restaurants. There are many attractions such as a Wax Museum, 3D cinemas, and Sea World to the north of the Peninsula.


Elkhorn Ave.


Soul Surfers Paradise

The apartment tower "Soul" stands directly on the beach promenade of "Surfers Paradise" and is with 243 m one of the highest towers on the "Gold Coast". There are 288 apartments in the 77 floors of the tower. If you want to stay in the tower, you can also check in at the "Soul" hotel.


8 The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise


SkyPoint Observationdeck

The tallest skyscraper on the "Gold Coast" has a spectacular viewing platform at a hight of 230 m. You can see the entire "Gold Coast" up to the mountainous hinterland. On clear days you can even see Brisbane and "Byron Bay". The high-rise is called Q1 and is a residential tower with 78 floors and a height with top of 322.5 m. Without antenna, the building has a height of 245 m. At the "Gold Cost" new towers are planned, which will surpass the Q1. But it is still the highest building in Australia, even if the "Eureka Tower" in Melbourne is 297 m high, without antenna.


Hamilton Ave. 9, Surfers Paradise


Beach of Surfers Paradise

The wide sandy beach of "Surfers Paradise" is the most lively beach section on the "Gold Coast". Even though most hotels and apartments are located here, the beach is wide enough for the many tourists. In Australia, there are many secluded beaches, those who come after "Surfers Paradises" do not seek loneliness anyway. 


Surfers Paradise Beach


Broad Beach

If you are traveling in southern direction from "Surfers Paradise" after a few kilometers you will reach  "Broadbeach". After "Surfers Paradise" "Broadbeach" has the second largest town center on the "Gold Coast". The high-rise towers are not built directly on the beach. In front of the sea there is a small park. 


Broad Beach


Oracle Broad Beach

The center of "Broadbeach" is dominated by the "Oracle Towers". The 5 star hotel and apartment project was opened in 2010 and consists of two towers and a shopping mall. The front tower is 160 m high, the rear tower measures 130 m. The buildings were designed by the Australian architectural firm of "Design by Innovation". This office has also built the towers "Soul" and "Q1" in "Surfers Paradise". "Broadbeach" is also home to the Pacific Fair Shopping Center, the Gold Coast Convention Center and the Dracula's Comedy Cabaret Restaurant.


Oracle Blvd. 3, Broad Beach


Mermaid Beach

The TV series "Mako Mermaids" or "H2O Just Add Water" played on the "Gold Coast". Even if there is no Ocean Café on the "Mermaid Beach", you can see the view of the "Burleigh Head" in the background. The chance to discover a mermaid is nevertheless small, but the beach is also beautiful without "Mermaids". 


Mermaid Beach


Burleigh Head National Park

Further to the south is the "Burleigh Head National Park". The green hill forms the end of the 18 km-long beach of the "Gold Coast". From the "Burleigh Head" you will have a wonderful panorama over the beach on to the skyline of "Surfers Paradise" and "Broadbeach". The hill is also a good location for watching surfers.


Burleigh Head


Map Gold Coast Australia


Brisbane Queensland

Welcome to the Gold Coast

The "Gold Coast" is a large city with around 600,000 inhabitants, made up of several seaside resorts. The villages are lined up on an approximately 18 km long sandy beach. From the airport in Brisbane it takes about an hour by car to Surfers Paradise, the center of the "Gold Coast".