State War Memorial

The State War Memorial in Kings Park was inaugurated in 1929. It commemorates the fallen soldiers of the ANZAC troops in the First World War. On "ANZAC Day" (April 25th) the whole country commemorates the soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Cops. 


Kings Park


Hay Street Mall

Hay Street is a pedestrian zone with many shops between William Street and Barrack Street. At Hay Street there is the northern entrance of the famous shopping arcade "London Court".


Hay Street


London Court

The rich gold digger Claude de Bernales, built this Tudor style shopping arcade in 1937. The doorways of the medieval-like passage are located at Hay Street and St. Georges Terrace. Without the nice weather of Western Australia you could almost think you were in England.


Hay Street / St. Georges


St. Georges Cathedral

The Protestant St. George's Cathedral was built in 1888 and replaced a previous building, which was created in the year the city was founded. The neogothic brick church, was designed by architect Edmund Blacket, who built more than 20 churches in Australia.


St. Georges Terrace


Town Hall Perth

Perth Town Hall was built between 1867 and 1870. The style is a kind of Victorian Gothic, the building has only a few Gothic elements, but it is vertically orientated. Responsible for the design were the architects Richard Roach Jewell and James Manning. Jewell also worked for the detention department in Fremantle. Therefore prisoners were employed for the construction of the Town Hall. Even today, one can discover symbols on the building which indicate this fact. The "Broad Arrow" is a symbol which marks the ownership of the government and was on the uniforms of the prisoners, it can be found in the interior of the Town Hall.    


Barrack Street


Murray Street Mall

The other pedestrian zone in the center of Perth is the "Murray Street Mall", which runs parallel to the "Hay Street Mall". Both sshopping streets are connected by passages. George Murray was a politician and came from Perth in Scotland. The city owes its name to him. 


Murray Street


St. Marys Cathedral

The Catholic Cathedral of the Virgin Mary was built in 1865. The Gothic style St. Marys Cathedral was enlarged in 1926. Economic crises and wars prevented the completion until 2009.


Victoria Square


Supreme Court

The "Supreme Court" is the highest court in the state of Western Australia. The classicist building was built in 1903 and replaced the "Old Courthouse" from 1837, which is still nearby and is the oldest building in Perth.


Barrack Street


Perth Harbor

The Swan River is impounded by the Narrows to a lake. At the widest point of the lake, there is Perth Harbor. You can take boat trips on the Swan River or dine at one of the waterfront restaurants.


Riverside Drive


Swan Bells

The bells inside the "Bell Tower" are famous and were reproduced in 1770. Formerly their home was "St. Martin in the Fields" at Trafalgar Square in London. They are significant because the original bells were rang in 1588 after the victory over the "Spanish Armada" and in 1771 for the return of Captain James Cook. From the Bell tower you will have a nice view over the Swan River.


Barrack Steet


Skyline Perth

More and more high-rise buildings are built in the emerging capital of Western Australia. The tallest skyscraper is "Central Park" with an elevation of 249 m. From the south bank of the Swan River, one has the most beautiful view of the Perth Skyline.


South Perth Esplanade


Fringe World Festival

The Fringe World Festival is an annual arts festival of circus, comedy, cabaret, music, dance, theater, film and visual arts. During the festival, the city is full of people, restaurants and pubs are crowded. It's big fun. Period: January / February 


James Street Mall


Map of sights in Perth


Travel Guide Perth

Welcome to Perth


The capital of Western Australia has approximately 1.7 million inhabitants and is located on the Swan River. Perth is a very young city that was founded in 1829. Great monuments of historical dimension should not be expected, but Perth has other charms. It is a lively city with many restaurants and shopping streets. The best thing about Perth are the beaches along the Indian Ocean and the great nature around the city.


Highly recommended is the "Kings Park" with great views of the "Swan River" and the skyline of Perth. As there are almost deserted beaches in Western Australia, Scarborough Beach with its restaurants and shops is a pleasant exception. 




The vicinity of Perth


Perth is one of the most remote cities in the world. The nearest city is Adelaide about 2,300 km away. It takes over 3 hours by plane to Melbourne, Sydney or Darwin.




"Nearby" is a different term for the Australian than for Europeans. You should always ask for miles or hours of driving time. Nevertheless, there are destinations nearby. Very popular is the harbor town "Fremantle" about 15 kilometers to the southwest. Fremantle is a very nice old town with many pubs and restaurants. Main attraction is the Fremantle Prison. If you like, you can take a trip to Rottnest Island from Fremantle harbor. The small island off the coast, offers beautiful beaches. To explore the island, you should book a bike.


Swan River Valley


Wine is grown in the Swan River Valley. Many winemakers sell their wine directly on site or operate a restaurant. Therefore, the Swan Valley is a popular destination for tours who offered dinner and wine tastings. There are also boat tours up the Swan River.


The Pinnacles


The drive to the Pinnacles is the highlight of Western Australia. If you leave early, you can go back and forth in one day. The 250 km long route from Perth to the Pinnacles is well developed. If you want to spend more time at the Pinnacles you can stay in "Cervantes".