Kings Park Perth

Kings Park is one of Perth's main attractions, the park is located on a hill above the city. From the ANZAC Memorial you have the most beautiful view of the Swan River and the skyline of Perth. At around 4 km², Kings Park is even larger than the famous Central Park in New York. The Lotterywest Federation Walkway (photo) is worth seeing, the path meanders along the edge of the slope and offers breathtaking views.


Fraser Avenue


Perth Zoo

Who wants to see the unique wildlife of Australia can visit the Perth Zoo and watch Koals, wombats, dingoes, kangaroos, wallabies and other animals of the continent.


20 Lebouchere Road


Swan River

The Swan River is Perth's lifeline. The small river through which the first explorers came is dammed up in front of the city to form a large lake. The harbor for the excursion boats and a beautiful promenade with palm trees are located here. At the harbor there are a few restaurants right on the shore. The Swan River becomes a narrow river shortly after Perth. In the Swan Valley, it meanders through the Australian bushland. Those who follow the river further north arrive at Walyunga National Park, where the Swan River becomes the Avon River.


Riverside Drive


Sterling Gardens

At the entrance to the Sterling Garden stands a statue of Alexander Forrest, a famous explorer and politician from Bunbury, Western Australia, who later became a citizen of Perth. At St Georges Terrace there is a fountain with bronze kangaroo sculptures. The Sterling Garden merges into the Supreme Court Garden. The two green areas are separated by the building of the Supreme Court. A narrow path leads through a beautiful group of trees, on the large lawn of the park, which borders the waterfront at the Swan River. Concerts are held on the meadow in summer. The "Perth International Arts Festival" also uses the park as a venue.


St. Georges Terrace


North Beach

The beach of North Beach is narrow and rocky, in the water you have to pay attention to rocks. But the water is very clear. There are ramps leading down to the beach at Mattams Pool, the parking lot is located further north.


West Coast Drive, North Beach


Trigg Beach

You enter the wide sandy beach of Trigg Beach, through a beautiful dune landscape. Almost all beaches on the coastline of Perth are densely built, just behind Trigg Beach, there is still bushland.


West Coast Drive, Trigg


Scarborough Beach

Who is looking for a city beach should go to "Scarborough Beach". There are restaurants and shops. The sandy beach is always busy, sometimes its even hard to find a parking lot. Because of restaurants and bars, the beach at Scarborough is very popular.


Scarborough Beach Rd.


Vineyard Swan Valley

From Perth along the Swan River to the north, you enter the famous wine growing region of the "Swan Valley". The winemakers sell wine and other delicacies in their shops. In the area there are many good restaurants.


West Swan Rd., West Swan


John Forrest National Park

From Great Eastern HYW turn into Park Road for the "John Forrest National Park". The road runs along the slope, and offers beautiful views on Perth and the lush vegetation. The park has hiking trails, a small lake and a restaurant.   


Park Road, Darlington


Bathers Beach

The white sandy beach is just below the hill, where the famous Round House of Fremantle stands on top. Bathers Beach is the city beach of Fremantle. A few hundred meters to the north, the Swan River flows into the Indian Ocean. 


Little High Street, Fremantle


Mandurah Beach

The city of Mandurah is about 70 km to the south of Perth. In Mandurah there is a small harbor with shops and restaurants. In the district of Halls Head, there is a very nice sandy beach.   


Halls Head Parade, Mandurah


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Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is located about 20 km to the west of Fremantle, in the Indian Ocean. The small island is known for its beautiful sandy beaches. There are restaurants and hotels on the island. To explore the island you should rent a bike.


Rottnest Island


Map Nature and Beaches of Perth


Travel Guide Perth

Nature and leisure in Perth

Perth is situated between the Swan River and the Indian Ocean. In the east, the region is bordered by a forested mountain range in which the "John Forrest National Park" is located. You can hike in the mountains. Here are the reservoirs that secure the water supply of Perth.

There are some lovely parks in Perth. Don't miss the Kings Park. The park is located on a hill above the city and offers the most beautiful view of the skyline and the Swan River, which has been dammed to create a lake.



Beaches around Perth

There are endless beaches on the Indian Ocean, especially to the north you soon come to lonely beaches behind the city. If you don't want to lie on the beach all by yourself and also need some infrastructure such as parking spaces, toilets and restaurants, you should use the nearby city beaches. Here, too, the beaches are empty by European standards. These beaches are located between Hillary's Boat Harbor in the north and Cottesloe Beach in the south.

Shark alert

There are many sharks in the Indian Ocean and there are shark attacks on the beaches of Perth. You should be careful, especially at dusk. Small sharks can also cause serious injury. The website "Sharksmart" of the government of Western Australia has published a code of conduct in the water and shows the most recent shark sightings on a map.

Day trips from Perth

If you want to go on further excursions from Perth, you can go to the "Pinnacles", which are about 250 km north of Perth. A very nice tour along the coast to bizarre rocks that stand in the desert.

Another natural wonder is the "Wave Rock", a rock that looks like a high wave. Wave Rock is located approx. 300 km east of Perth.


Wave Rock