The Round House

The Roundhouse is the oldest building in Western Australia. It was constructed in 1831 as a prison and place of execution. It servedfor that purpose until 1886. Later it was used as a police station and warehouse.


Arthur Head Reserve


Fremantle Prison

The Fremantle Prison was opened in 1855. Until 1868 over 9,500 prisoners from England have been exported to Fremantle. From 1888 on all executions in Western Australia took place here.


The Terrace


Fremantle Market

The Fremantle Market is one of the top attractions of the pretty harbor town. The covered market opened in 1902. The market offers fruit and vegetables as well as many other products. There are plenty of cafes sidewise the market hall, so the street was nicknamed "Cappuccion Strip".


Henderson Street


St. Johns Church

The St. Johns Church in Fremantle was built in 1882 according to the design of architect William Smith from London. The neo-gothic church was built of gray stone and has stained glass windows on the eastern facade made in Munich.   


Kings Square


Fremantle Town Hall

After the government of Western Australia had promised labor support by convicts and the money was collected, the construction of the Fremante Town Hall began in 1885. On the site stood the predecessor building of today's St. Johns Church, that was demolished for the Town Hall. The wild ride through architectural history was designed by the Melbourne architects John Grainger and Charles D'Ebro, who blended elements from different eras into the building. The eclectic Fremantle Town Hall was opened in 1887. Today it is one of the landmarks of Fremantle.


William Street


The National Hotel Fremantle

The National Hotel in Fremantle is a restaurant and bar in a historic hotel dating from 1886. The architectural style of the hotel is typical of Western Australia. In Fremantle there are several well-preserved buildings from the early phase of the colony.


98 High Street, Fremantle WA


Fremantle Harbour

The city of Fremantle owes the harbor its existence. The city was founded as a port at the mouth of the Swan River. Fremantle is now the port of Perth on the Indian Ocean. At the port, there is also the remarkable Maritime Museum of Fremantle. From here the ferrys start for Rottnest Island.


Victoria Quay, Fremantle


Map Fremantle Sights


Travel Guide Fremantle

Attractions in Fremantle

Fremantel is a historic port city at the mouth of the Swan River, around 15 km south of Perth. The city was founded in 1829 by the Swan River Colony. It was named after the British Captain Charles Fremantle. The nice town has many restaurants and two interesting museums to offer. The Fremantle Harbor Maritime Museum is the most famous in Western Australia. The Fremantel Prison became famous in 1876 after the spectacular liberation of 6 Irish independence fighters by the American ship "Catalpa". Fremantle also has a very nice city beach, the Bathers Beach is very close to the "Round House".